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People who think we’re awesome


“I partnered with Brand Spin in designing my own political app and website. The level of service and support I received is the best I’ve ever had. They are extremely knowledgeable, and go above and beyond when it comes to making sure everything I need is taken care of. Will definitely use them for any and all future projects.”

Michael Lambert


“Bryan and his team did a fantastic job. They helped me solve a problem that had been plaguing me for a long time.” I will definitely work with him again.”

Jill Prince


“Bryan was great to work with. He was great helping me and my team better understand and use Infusionsoft. Thank you so much. Highly recommend Bryan.”

Rick Johns


“It is very easy to just give a 5 star rating for a contractor but in this case, if more stars were available, BrandSpin would be more than deserving. BrandSpin was able to completely design our Infusionsoft marketing system, making our sales and marketing process look very sophisticated. And they accomplished this very efficiently with a response time that was spot on throughout the entire process. My only challenge now is to figure out what else we can have BrandSpin do for us, they are so valuable.” Dr Robert Barton

“Emily and her team were a pleasure to work with! They designed a custom logo that fit my brand perfectly and made the process so much fun! I would definitely recommend them for your own projects.” Maypenny Farm

“I am so happy I hired BrandSpin. They are amazing, super efficient, talented, experienced and a pleasure to work with. I just launched my first Infusion soft funnel and they made it so easy. They are very good at explaining and showing you how to do your part. They are always available and on time. The quality of their work was over a 10. A+++++” Maru Davila

“BrandSpin is a true professional and exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the services that they provided for our company. A+++ Highly recommend” Dan Dahlin

“The BrandSpin team completed several automated marketing projects for us over the last year. They are very knowledgeable in the Infusionsoft arena, tech savvy, very responsive to requests and turns projects around quickly. They offer expert advice based on their experience and are professional communicators with an excellent work ethic. Their charges are always reasonable and their work is a value to our marketing efforts.” Chad Carden

“The BrandSpin team did a fantastic job. They helped me solve a problem that had been plaguing me for a long time. I will definitely work with them again.” Jill Prince

“I started using Infusionsoft with high hopes that it would be as easy to use as the company professes. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. So I initially hired a couple of different people who were supposed to be experts with Infusionsoft. Unfortuately, they only turned my Infusionsoft database into more of a mess. Bryan was the first person who actually could tell me what needed to be done and actually got it done properly. He’s great at staying in touch. Frequently, he’ll send screenshots and short videos to show me how things to do certain things and how he completed a task. I’ve already recommended him to a trusted colleague.” George Huang

“Thank you for all of your hard work! It was great working with BrandSpin and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends and colleagues.” Island Family Counselling

“Our experience with BrandSpin was fantastic. They always gave us great suggestions and feedback on our projects and completed things according to the Statement of Work.” SparkSpace

“BrandSpin was great to work with. They were great helping me and my team better understand and use Infusionsoft. Thank you so much. Highly recommend BrandSpin.” Rick Johns

“A reliable and flexible provider.” Wole K

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