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Five Steps to Better Web Design


A website provides information, attracts new leads and most importantly, gives your business a sense of credibility. Many companies spent tens of thousands on a website that looks good, but does little to actually convert those visitors into customers.

Here’s what to look for in an effective website:

1. Usability

Usability is one of the key factors to a successful and memorable website. A good website will be functional, practical, and easy to navigate. Key information should be placed in easy to find areas, and information should flow easily from page to page. The idea is to get an idea across to your users quickly and efficiently, while creating a pleasing visual environment.

2. Content

“Less is more” is a phrase you’ll hear often. When creating content for your website, ask yourself these questions: Who is my target demographic? What key information will they be looking for? Is this something that will grab attention and keep it?

While it may seem like a great idea to provide as much information as possible, often users are intimidated by large sections of text and simply skim past it. Generally the best way to increase user engagement is to provide a summary of your idea, with an option to learn more.

3. Layout and Structure

Does your website grab attention? Does it engage users? Does it flow?

A well structured website will help you promote key information quickly and effectively, turning those leads into sales.

4. Design

Design can make or break a sale. Not only does your site have to function well, but it also needs to visually represent you in the most effective way possible. If your website seems out of date, customers may question the quality of your products or services. This is achieved through effective branding, strong graphics and a sense of creativity.

5. Hire a professional

When in doubt, call on a professional! A good designer/developer team will be immersed in the tech world. They’ll know the ins and outs of good design, be up to date on the latest trends, and know what actually works.


Does your website take advantage of these elements? If not, get in touch! We’ll help your website become your most valuable asset!



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