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Expanded Text Ads for Google


As many of you have probably seen, recently Google announced support for a new ad format. “ETAs,” or Expanded Text Ads, were originally scheduled to transition over on October 26th, but more recently Google has extended that deadline to January 31st, 2017.

PHEW! Advertisers rejoice!

But what are they and how will this be pretty awesome?! Allow me to explain…….

Currently, your Adwords characters are limited, as anyone who has ever created an ad using this knows. The problem is that many companies face tough times trying to get their message whittled down to enough characters to get the ad approved, and then, more importantly, capture the attention of the viewer quickly enough to get them to click.

Adwords example

ETAs will allow us to add more characters to our postings in various spots. 45 new characters in fact! 

Here is where you’ll get more:

Headline 1: from 25 characters to 30

Headline 2: is totally new and will give you an additional 30 characters

Description: goes from two 35-character lines, to one consolidated 80 character line

Display URL: this domain is dynamically important from the final URL and can be customized with two 15-character description path fields

With these new additions, it will allow advertisers to get their message out in a better way without having to cut it off too quickly. This will help get the right traffic and users who are more interested in what you have to offer, hence a better budget spend and hopefully better results.

You have time and can still modify and post the normal ads up until that Jan cut off date. After that the new format should be live and well and ready to use!


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