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Why Businesses Need to Automate to Stay Top of Mind


bpc-laptop-imageSimply put, if you’re not automating your business, you’re losing money. I don’t know what other way to put it. And I can almost guarantee that your competition is automating, or they’re gearing up to do just that.

Most clients that come to us share the same first objection: “The price of a CRM is too high.

Now, getting over “sticker shock” can be tough, we get, but look at it this way……

What if you could put in $1000 to your business and get $2000 back, every time. Would you do it? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!!

We love to automate and we give it plenty of love as it’s what really keeps us going here at BrandSpin. It’s no secret we are Infusionsoft lovers, and we’re proud of it. We have used Ontraport, Aweber, SalesForce, MailChimp, Active Campaign, and more and we kept coming back to Infusionsoft for what we need. Is it a perfect system? Nope! But what system truly is?

We love it so much that we have invested countless hours training, learning, and getting multiple employees certified (Infusionsoft Certified Consultants) and we use it in 95% of our client solutions…. it’s THAT cool (not to mention we are able to resell and license the application at better rates than anyone!) Using Infusionsoft allows us to consistently deliver more revenue to our clients even while they are sleeping. It’s super nice to wake up and see an email from one of our awesome businesses saying, “I woke up and had 13 sales overnight!

With the average professional getting 147 emails per day (yikes!) it’s more important than ever to know your audience, keep in front of them, and make sure you’re doing both of those right…. and at the right time.

Using a great CRM tool while partnering with BrandSpin to design and manage it would allow you to see the benefits of marketing automation first hand and watch it work for you. It takes time to email people, check and manage your sales pipeline, create and deliver content, offer upsells, understand your customers and prospects and so much more – but with the right system and perfectly designed funnels for your business, the possibilities are endless.

Email marketing, social media, promotions, cross-selling, and so much more can all be automated! 76% of small businesses worldwide said they were gearing towards a CRM and automation by 2018. You don’t want to miss this train, trust us!

So what now? Well first, we offer a 100% FREE 30-Minute Consultation and would be happy to go over your business and how we could help grow it with you! Just check out the right sidebar here and you should see a blue box there. Click it and let’s do this!

Think of us as your “Co-pilot” and we’re flying to new heights. 🙂


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