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Email throttling with Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft rocks, we can’t argue with that. But certain things can cause some headaches when sending to a larger list for the first time, like when doing a broadcast.

One that we find over and over again is “email throttling” or sending smaller batches of emails at a time so that Infusionsoft can make sure that things stay on the right side of “email law.” So if you want to send a batch email to 20,000 people, for example, Infusionsoft will send to x-number and monitor the results. If emails are bouncing, or the recipients email provider is putting them in SPAM, or other folders, etc. it can cause your email to be stopped COLD! While this will happen no matter what, we can still limit the numbers we are sending and have more control over the results.

Click below to watch a video on this…..


When we send them our ourselves in batches, we can check the results of the first batch, see how it did, and make adjustments to the second batch, and so on.

We can also use this same technique to A/B Split test in Infusionsoft and see which emails get the best response and engagement rates.

While it takes a few more minutes to do, we recommend always doing this when sending to large lists so you can ensure its being delivered and the message is being read.


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